Nick Norwood Design


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I’m a person

I currently live and work in NYC loving life and making work within the intersection of brand identity and digital experiences. I’ve spent the last 9 years developing my craft, working with leading companies and start-ups, and refining my process. I love what I do and truly think there’s an opportunity for every project to be fun and rewarding.

I’m a maker

My practice is grounded in making & doing. I’m proudly a generalist; a jack of all trades. I help companies look good and say what they need to say to the right people. I know it’s scary. I know it’s stressful. I’m here to make things fun and easy. I value honestly, transparency and people that have a good sense of humor.

Digital + Brand

This is the quickest way to describe my offering. I’m worked in the intersection of brand, marketing and digital design for my entire career. I’ve worked with large companies as well as tiny start-ups. My sweet spot is creating or evolving brands in a very clean, clear and digitally focused way. I don’t believe in just emailing you a PDF and walking away. I give tangible, tested deliverables based on what you’ll really need to build your brand.

Who hires me

Typically teams with a healthy budget who need a hands-on design director that can execute on every aspect of the design process. I’m looking to come in and solve things quickly and efficiently, helping you develop a robust toolkit with which you can hit the ground running. I can work remotely or on-site, depending on the project needs.

Contact me

If you’re interested in working with me on an upcoming project, I’d love to chat. The best way to reach me is to email me at Tell me a bit about what you’re looking to do and we can go from there.

Thanks :)